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Tuesday, August 30, 2016


I hope by now some of you have been thinking of whether or not you want to participate in my State Block Challenge.  Here are the fabrics I chose for my blocks in case you did not catch my last blog. The main fabrics for fussy cutting are the same print, one with a light background and one with a dark. The rest of the fabrics are chosen from all of the colors in the main print (the more the merrier) in different shades of the color for more variety. If you have problems picking out the main print and are not sure if it will work, feel free to contact me and send me an image of it. I also have plenty of main fabrics and blenders by color on my website in case you can't find something.

Here again are the first two blocks. This one is the easier (obviously) of the two. I fussy cut the cornerstones of the sections.

The second one requires curved piecing, but I will do a tutorial of how I sew curves for those that are willing to try something a little more difficult. I don't find curves difficult and I teach these classes to a of quilters who are afraid of curves.

I will start the challenge by showing how I get perfect repeats every time when I fussy cut; how to use mirrors to see how your block will look; how to get that perfect and consistent 1/4" seam allowance; and other tips to make the process easier for you. All of the blocks will include cutting instructions, piecing instructions along with photos of each step I used to sew the blocks. This challenge should appeal to both beginner and more advanced quilters.

I do have a request. Please let me know if you plan on participating. I would just like to have an estimate of how many are interested. As we go through the blocks, if at anytime you think that I am going too fast and that maybe I ought to do 2 blocks every 2 weeks instead of a week, please let me know. I want this to work for everyone. I know that we are all working on more than one project at a time and I don't want to overwhelm anyone to think that they can't keep up. I also might hold off on posting blocks during the holiday season since we will all need a break at that time! I WANT YOUR INPUT TO MAKE THIS ENJOYABLE FOR YOU. This is my first internet challenge so it will be a learning curve for me too! 

Don' forget, there will be a prize drawing for each set of blocks (a prize for each block) so after you complete them you will need to send me an image so I can post it on my social media sites along with some type of survey email.

As always; Do what you love and love what you do. Be sure to follow me on Bloglovin' (link on side) so that you do not miss any of my posts. I will also be posting it on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest,  and Tumbler to get the word out. Thanks for reading. Toby

P.S. I will be participating in the Fabric Shop Hop in September. I will have lots of fabric specials and clearance sales.

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Allison CB said...

Awesome blocks - like that your started out with my state!!! LOL