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Friday, February 23, 2018


The weather here has been crazy. Just a couple days ago it broke a record for the highest temperature in February. It got up to 80 degrees! Today there was freezing rain! There is a saying in St. Louis; if you don't like the weather wait a day and it will change. It has been like a roller coaster in February from single digits to 60s and 70s in just a few hours. Today it is very dreary. There isn't much to do on days like this except quilt (and work on my blog).

Today's state block is Idaho. The plain block looks like this:
Of course it has to be dressed up by fussy cutting. It is so drab with just the two colors. Here are the fabrics I picked for this block. The dark and light symmetrical, a light and a dark tone on tone.
Here are the patches that I cut (some I cut later realizing I didn't cut them all)!
CUTTING INSTRUCTIONS: Remember, you can decide to fussy cut or not fussy cut any of the patches. (Uses Marty Michell template set B.)

Fabric 1: Symmetrical light
* Fussy cut four (4) like designs with Template D (MM B10).
* Fussy cut eight (8) like designs with Template B (MM B13). (If not fussy cutting see Fabric 4.) 

Fabric 2: Symmetrical dark 
* Fussy cut four (4) like designs with Template A (MM B12). (If not fussy cutting see Fabric 4)

Fabric 3: Dark
* Thirty-two Template C (MM B14).

Fabric 4: Light
* Twelve (12) Template B. (If not fussy cutting you will cut (16).
* Twelve (12) Template C. (If not fussy cutting you will cut (16).


1. Make the following Flying Geese Units (FGU).

Twelve (12) with Fabric 3 and Fabric 4.
Eight (8) with Fabric 3 and Fabric 1.
2. If you choose not to fussy cut the inside FGU or inside squares, then you will make all four sections the same. If you do fussy cut them you will need to lay out the fussy cut FGU and squares as illustrated.

3. Sew across. Press sections 1 and 4 to the squares (large and small).
Press sections 2 and 3 to the FGU.

4. Sew rows together. Press to center on sections 2 and 3. Press to FGU on sections 1 and 4.

5. Lay out the four units as follows. Sew together across. Press one to the right and one to the left. Sew the rows together. Twist center seam and press all in the same direction (or press to one side).
Finished block.

I hope more of you join. If you read the blog before this you can see what wonderful blocks you can make by fussy cutting. 

You can find the templates using this link: Please contact me if you have problems getting the templates.

I haven't heard from JR. I hope she is reading this blog. If you are, please use my contact form to send me your US address so I can mail your prize from the Galentine's contest. If I do not hear from her by Sunday, I will pick another winner.

As always: Love what you do and do what you love. Thanks for reading and please share with your quilting friends. Toby 

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