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Friday, January 19, 2018


This is not just for those who were following my state block challenge last year but for anyone wanting to participate. You can either start here or if you want to go back to previous blogs to see the other blocks and do them that is fine. The only rule in this challenge are that you fussy cut some part of the block. You can do one or all of them, choose certain ones you like, skip some, it makes no difference. I do hope that when you do get the blocks done you will send me the images of them, I love to share them on my social media pages. I will be talking about how to take good pictures of them when the time comes. I will also be having occasional prize drawings to encourage you to finish them. 

I am going to add a special incentive to those who will be doing this for the first time .... you will receive my Perfect 1/4" seam guide to help you get that consistent 1/4" seam allowance. So if you will be participating for the first time, email me with your address using the Contact form on the left side of this blog so I can mail it to you.

I ended on Florida last year so now I am on Georgia. The only two blocks I could find of that state were very similar. As in my previous challenges I try to do an easy block and a difficult block. Here is what the two blocks look like (with no fabric in them). This time I will be posting blank blocks instead of showing what my finished blocks look like. That way you will not be influenced by where I put my fussy cut patches.

Now it is time to gather your fabrics. I chose two symmetrical fabrics with a dark and light background. These fabrics are from the Imperial Paisley collection with Quilting Treasures. They are both available on my website.  Click on the names to take you to them. You should get at least 1-1/2 yards of two different symmetrical fabrics or 2-1/2 yards of one symmetrical fabric. You don't have to use them for all of the rest of the blocks but you want to make sure you have enough for at least 16-20 blocks. Also pick a fabric with lots of colors.

   Set Paisley Navy                                   Set Paisley White
Here are the fabrics I chose to go with them. I can always add more if I need to but this is a good start. Your coordinating fabrics should be tone-on-tones, batiks, or solids. Start with 1/4 yard or fat quarter of each. If you have some scraps that go with them, then use those. This is a very scrappy quilt so the more fabrics you use the better. The blocks' focal point should be the fussy cut patches so don't choose fabrics that will "fight" with the symmetrical ones.

You will need to print out the templates so you can cut your pieces. I am including the templates in this post so you can get them cut out ahead of time. Be sure to use heavy template plastic. The best way to make them is to cut around the paper template. Tape them to the template material and then cut them out. That way you don't have to trace them and it will give you a more accurate template.

In the next post I will be showing you the fabrics I used in each block, the sizes of the pieces to cut and the sewing instructions. When you print out the template PDFs be sure to print at no scaling or at 100%. To check on the scale, the corner squares on both blocks should equal 3" to the outer edges or 2-1/2" on the inside lines. Please let me know if you are having problems printing the correct scale.

Click on the links and when prompted, save the file in a folder with the title State Block challenge. If you have any problems getting the PDFs please contact me on my Contact form on the left and send me your email. I can email them to you directly then.

So gather your fabrics, print and cut out your templates and start to think about where you will put those fussy cut pieces in the blocks. 

As always, Do what you love and love what you do. Please feel free to add any comments and share my blog with anyone that might be interested.