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Monday, December 23, 2019

Eight Days of Chanukah specials



I can't believe the last blog I wrote was in March! Every year I make a resolution to write in my blog at least once a month if not more and every year I start off great but by March or April I start to wain. Usually because I start getting really busy. I would love to write about the projects I am currently working on but many times I am unable to share them with you because they are projects for a company that I can't share until they come out which might be 6 months down the road!

I know I will make this resolution again and really try to keep it but again, I will probably get busy and lose track of time.

I am writing this message not only to wish all of my friends a wonderful holiday season and happy new year but also to tell you about my 8 days of Chanukah sale. Many businesses do a 12 days of Christmas sale but because Chanukah falls on top of Christmas this year I decided to do something a little different.

When I was a child my parents would give me a present each night of Chanukah. For the first 7 nights it was usually a small gift such as a box of crayons, socks, coloring books and other small things that I would use. The last night we would get a big gift (well not necessarily a BIG gift) of something that we really wanted. I continued that tradition with my own children.

So, each day of Chanukah I will be offering a special on some of my products on my website. It might be patterns, templates or certain fabric. I will be mailing out my newsletter to announce what is on sale for that day so be sure to go to my website to sign up for my newsletter.

The first special starts tonight at midnight and goes until tomorrow night at midnight. I will be offering all of my in stock templates at 40% off! All you have to do is write "templates" in the coupon box for the discount when checking out.

This would be a great time to get those templates that go with either of my classes; Clever Curves in Bluprint or Kaleidostars at iQuilt. Also if you order any of my Kaleidostars templates you will get my book Kaleidostars for free!


I also want to mention that I will be starting a new Block of the Month at the end of January. This won't be a fussy cut block. It is based on my Soldier's Quilt pattern. The original was made especially for a fabric collection from Washington Street Studio called Soldier's Quilt and the size was for a Civil War cot so it was long and skinny. This quilt is bigger but has the same blocks in it (just more of each). This quilt features a Washington Street Studio fabric collection called Wildflower Woods designed by Evonne Cook. The blocks are 9" and the finished size of the quilt is 65" x 87".

The program is 8 months. The first 7 months you will be making 5 of each of the blocks (there are 7 same blocks and 35 total blocks) each month. The cost is $25 per month (plus shipping) for the first 7 months and $40 (plus shipping) for the last month for the finishing kit which includes the sashing, border and binding. Your kit will start with a notebook to put all of the instructions in. The instructions and fabrics will come in a notebook sleeve to keep everything organized. 

The instructions will also have a cutting chart, to make the best use of your fabrics, and detailed written instructions. I will also be doing a blog on the instructions for tips on different ways to make your blocks.

Here is the first block: The photo of the fabrics doesn't do it justice. They are so much prettier in person.

There are a limited number of kits available so if you are interested don't wait too long to sign up for the first month's installment. Soldier Quilt Block of the Month.

Well I better get sewing. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. Watch for my newsletter for specials all this week and feel free to share that and this blog with all your quilting friends.

As always; do what you love and love what you do. Thanks for reading. Toby Lischko