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Friday, November 9, 2018



It has really been fun watching everyone play with the placements of the blocks that they have finished so far! Would you believe that there are over 40,000 quilters joining in on the fun!!! Some have created some very interesting settings. This is something that I do frequently when I am designing quilts. That is the fun part of designing. How many different ways can I move these blocks around to create different designs? With this being a medallion quilt, there is a limited number of ways to do it. 

I have a pattern called Mosaic Magic. It has been one of my most popular patterns for over 20 years. It is one log cabin-like block. There are 5 sizes in the pattern from a wall size to a king size. The pattern has a variety of ways that you can put the blocks together to create different designs. This first one shows you basically what the block looks like. But look at how each version creates a whole different design.

I encourage each quilter to use their creativity to create new quilts just by moving blocks around. You may surprise yourself and create a masterpiece!


This week's block is another 9" finished block (it will measure 9-1/2" unfinished). When making the block I realized that I have a set of templates, Marti Michell's Set A, that works with this block (and any 3", 6", 9", or 12" block). She makes templates similar to mine (actually mine are similar to hers since she designed them first) in that all of her corners are cut off making it easier to piece the blocks. I have 2 sets left on my website available for sale.

One of the things I like to do with my patches, when I am creating half-square and quarter-square triangles, is to cut the corners off before piecing. It isn't really an extra step since you have to trim them after piecing but it does make matching the patches easier since you don't have the points sticking out. My Corner trimmer seam guide has a corner trimmer on it that I will use sometimes (sometimes I use my Cutting Corners set) to trim off the points on the triangles.

You will be happy to know that there aren't any Flying Geese in the block. (Yipeee!!) You will be sewing quarter-square triangles together then sewing them to a half-square triangles. Ashley and I are constantly talking about accuracy when piecing. There are several ways to check on the accuracy of your pieces. One of course it to measure the section. However if your section or unit is not one that can be measured easily you can always use another part of the block to do it. Sewing two quarter-square triangles together will be pieced to a half-square triangle so those should be the same size. I check both sides before piecing to see if anything is sticking out. Here you can see that they are the same size. If they were not, I would adjust my quarter-square triangle seam if necessary.

I do that same thing with the resulting section from sewing these together by checking it against the square that it will be pieced to. I would adjust the center seam if it didn't match. By checking these small things as you are sewing you will end up with a more accurate finished block.

Here are the pieces laid out.

Here is what happened when I sewed them together! How that happened when I sewed them like I did block 2 where I didn't cut the rows apart I have no idea! Time to get the ripper out. ( I really like that one of the quilters called her ripper "Jack"!)

I did decide again to substitute the original Fabric 5 for the red I used in Block 2. I just wasn't happy with using Fabric 5 in this block. Again feel free to switch things up with your fabrics. The numbers aren't set in stone. Just a suggestion.

The only things you need to watch out for with this block is to make sure you sew the quarter-square triangles together in the right order and then sew the sections together correctly.


Today's winners are Kathie Masters and Janifer! They get to pick which of my patterns pdfs they would like. For this month's drawing I will give away 3 of my 1/4" seam guide with the corner trimmer. Good luck. Be sure to leave a comment and contact information so I can let you know if you won.


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I do need to get this blog out so I will finish by saying: Do what you love and love what you do. Thank you for reading and feel free to share with your quilting friends. If any of you belong to a quilt guild, I would also love to come to your guild and teach one of my classes or give a lecture. You can see my classes here: Toby's classes and lectures.