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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New template and free pattern

As I sit looking out the sunroom window at the snow still on the ground, I think about what I like about winter. Many of you think I am probably crazy, but I do like the cold weather for a couple of reasons. One is, I love wearing my sweaters! They are so soft and snuggley and feel wonderful against my skin. I can't say that about my summer clothing. As I get older my skin has become more sensitive and I feel very uncomfortable when something irritates or itches my skin. I love the new microfibers and bought some new sheets with them which feel so nice when I get into bed.

The other thing I like about winter is I do like to cook and the cold weather gives me lots of reasons to make fresh soups and breads. My husband also likes to cook his chili when it gets cold and over the years of making it, has finally come up with a recipe that I like. His first attempt had no tomatoes or tomato sauce in it. Actually I'm not sure what it had in it! Not wanting him to give up cooking, I had to eat it. I have learned that when he cooks something new, I don't tell him I don't like it when I eat it, but wait until the next day to make some simple suggestions. Men's egos are so fragile! He doesn't hesitate to tell me when he doesn't like something I made and I don't stop cooking if he does. 

I made a wonderful cream of potato soup last week that had no cream or milk in it. I changed it a little from the original recipe and it came out really good. I found it on Pinterest and posted it in one of my pins. Here is the original recipe. 

I changed it by eliminating the beans, increasing the potatoes and cauliflower and used 6 cups of chicken stock and no water. I didn't blend the whole soup, just about 1/3 of it. I like a soup with a little substance. It has a great flavor and really hits the spot on these cold days.

Back to quilting. The free web pattern today is the Eden Quilt pattern

It features a beautiful fabric collection called Eden by Chong a Hwang with Timeless Treasures. I have the fabrics on my website along with an Eden quilt kit that includes everything to make the top and binding. It is currently on sale at 20% off the original price.

I really like using two blocks to create an interesting effect on a quilt. This quilt looks like the blocks are set on point, but they are not. The Diamond in a Square block blends in with the LeMoyne Star block which gives that effect. The fabrics are stunning!



I have also found out that I will be teaching at the NQA show (National Quilting Association) in Columbus, Ohio in April. I will let you know which classes and when the schedule will be posted on their website. 

Well, back to writing my pattern. 'Til next time. As always, do what you love and love what you do. Toby

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Anonymous said...

I like to use templates but i can't afford them