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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Chanuka Special Day 4

I thought I'd get an early start this time to give people more time to shop! 

I consider myself a traditional quilter, but every once in a while I do try to step out of my comfort zone and do something different. I'm very critical of my quilting and when I finish piecing a quilt I worry that my quilting is going to ruin it. I watched a You tube video of Angela Walters and she said we need to stop being so critical of ourselves. That if someone gives you a compliment about your work, don't point out your mistakes! She lists two other things that quilters should never do. You can see her video here: Angela Walters

With that in mind, I decided to enter a miniature quilt in the QuiltCon show in California. QuiltCon is a show for modern quilters. I work better under pressure and the deadline was last Monday at midnight. I got my form filled out and images sent by 11:55 p.m. Talk about close call! Here is the quilt. Like I said this is way out of my comfort zone as I usually on do quilts that are symmetrical or very balanced. This is far from that. I called it Dots and Dashes. I had to use a Michael Miller fabric for the challenge which is the fabric with the dots. All it is, is a simple Rail Fence pattern. It is 21" square.

  Here are some close ups of the quilting. I did the straight line and circle quilting on my regular sewing machine and the fill in work on my longarm machine. I will find out at the end of December if it is chosen to be in the show.

For today's special I am putting my P&B Mykonos fabrics at 20% off. They are more of a modern type design, very linear. They were regularly $11.50 a yard and are on sale for $9.00. I will refund 20% of your purchase on these fabrics. These are some of them and you can find them here: P&B Mykonos.


Well, gotta go to bed. I will post this first thing in the morning. As always: Do what you love and love what you do. Thank you for reading, Toby (BE SURE TO LEAVE A COMMENT AND YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TO BE IN THE DRAWING ON MONDAY.)


Sheepish said...

I can see a landscape quilt with these fabrics, they look like a flash frozen pond surface in early winter or a window pane frosted over in the night. I love your quilting design on your mini quilt.
Happy Chanukah, Glo

Unknown said...

Oh, the ways are limitless. Thank you - such a wonder

scottylover said...

Love the quilting! You did amazing! Hope it makes it in to QuiltCon.

Sandy A

mumbird3 said...

The quilting on your mini is amazing! Mumbird3atgmaildotcom

Grandma said...

Great quilting on rail fence.

ledamewood said...

Love your quilt, and hope you succeed with QuiltCon.

ledamewood at

Rina Mason said...

I have been quilting since the dark ages and find that I love linear design. Your mini is wonderful as is the fabric line.