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Monday, November 26, 2018


I know I am repeating myself, but I am amazed at the creativity of some quilters! Some have added their owns special touch in the inner border or changed blocks around or even added elements to the blocks. The difference in fabrics in this design also changes the whole look of the quilt. I don't know if that is because it is a mystery or if the quilters would have picked the same fabrics if it was not a mystery. I'd love to hear from you whether you would like to do another medallion style quilt and whether you would want it as a mystery or know ahead of time what the finished product would look like.

This block is another with the dreaded Flying Geese units but I'm assuming that you are now experts at them! 

I used my Cutting Corners template set for this block to cut out my half-square and quarter-square triangles. If you are using this set, you will cut 2-1/2" strips for both.

For the quarter square triangles in the pinwheel I cut them according to the instructions but I trimmed the corners with my triangle template.

After piecing the two quarter-square triangles, they should be the same size at the half-square triangle they are being sewed to. Adjust if necessary.

When sewing the four pinwheels, check to make sure that the darker fabric is facing in the right direction before sewing the four together and spin the center seam to reduce bulk. If you don't know how to do that, check on one of my previous blogs where I posted a video on how to do that.

Sew the 9 sections together as in previous posts.


I thank everyone who left a comment and took the time to read my blog. This week's winners are Regina Conklin and Melanie (she did not leave a last name). They get to pick a pattern pdf on my website. I will send them an email to let them know. This week I will pick another winner to get my Cutting Corners template set. Be sure if you leave a comment you also leave your email address.


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As always, do what you love and love what you do. Thank you for reading and sure to share with your quilting friends.


Buckshot said...

I love the medallion style mystery quilt - It gets people's creative juices flowing trying to guess your finished layout. And they are all so different with the different fabrics. And no one can just jump ahead and finish their quilt. Thanks for all your work with the patterns and blog.

Paula -

Unknown said...

I have enjoyed this mystery medallion. I would enjoy another. Not sure if I would want it as a mystery or not the next time. Have to see how I did with this one first. Lol. ~Dawn.

Ann McMillin said...

Love the Medallion quilt! Am learning so much as we go! Thank you!!!

ShawnaD said...

This is my first mystery challenge and I am loving it! I am a fairly beginner quilter so to be honest if I would have seen the pattern ahead of time, I probably wouldn’t have done it out of intimidation. I am very greatful for your blog, the videos by Ashley and tips from fellow quilters as they were very informative and I have learned something for each block. All the advise along the way has taken out the intimidation and made each week very exciting!! I am doing the full size so excited to see the end results!! I would love to do another mystery medallion quilt!! Thanks for this experience! Shawna D - Canada

Lori Nelson said...

I am really loving this quilt! I also want to make another one in the lap size. I like how you diagram everything out and give finished block sizes, that'a very helpful!
Lori Nelson

Christa said...

I have never done a Medallion quilt. I LOVE it !!! So creative and beautiful. I hope mine will look half as good. Thank you so much for sharing this.
Christa in VA

Unknown said...

Interested in trying out the four corner seam open technique. I worry that opening the seams will result in weak areas in the finished quilt. Afraid the seams will open up even though the cross seams should have sealed the seams. Will try.

Dorothy said...

I love how this mystery quilt is turning out can’t wait to get caught up Dorothy I have learned a lot for sure and my blocks are coming out a lot better thank you Dorothy

Unknown said...

OMG I am so loving this project, yes I would love another mystery quilt. Im sure any pattern you chose would be wonderful. Thank you so much for your time in this. Theresa

MommaJ said...

This has been so exciting!

Unknown said...

This block was a challenge for me with all the seams of the pinwheel. I ended up having to press these seams open to get any semblance of flat to my block. Is this the best way to do this or is there another way? Thanks for any help you can give me with this. ~Dawn.

Unknown said...

Please ignore my last post. I just went back and reread your blog and saw where you mentioned spinning the center for pressing. Will have to go watch the video again. I had forgotten you showed that earlier on. Sorry. ~Dawn.

Unknown said...

I love this medallion mystery quilt. Can't wait to see how this all goes together.